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'You can’t get fresher than this. I mean that in a cool, hip-hop way, like the Fresh Prince. Shukla is a performance poet by trade, and a darn good one at that. Readings are full of rapping, spot-on impressions and wild applause, and this book is fully in keeping with his body of work. Coconut Unlimited follows Amit, sweet, geeky and aged 14, as he and his best friends, Nishant and Anand, start a hip-hop band and take on the…well, a Jewish kid from school and a pub full of old men at an open-mic night. The only problem is, they’re shit. Shukla captures the nature of the young dreamer, childhood relationships, naivety, and youth with erudite and poetic prose. The story is rooted in post-immigrant Indian culture, mashed up with west coast American rap and stuck in Harrow, and yet the relationship between Amit and his mum, his sister, his friends and the kids at school is utterly relatable. In conclusion: This ain’t no mysterious rhyme / I’m being serious this time / Go buy this book, it’s sublime / (Nah wha’ I’m sayin’ mate?)'

—PHOENIX review of Coconut Unlimited