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Episode 4: Gavin James Bower

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Episode 4 of the Subaltern Podcast is here! Author Nikesh Shukla talks to other writers and authors and novelists about stuff, from writing to r’n’b. It’s the anti-panel discussion.

Gavin James Bower - friend, editor, publicist… He is my fredlicist. We talk about R Kelly, Michael Jackson’s videos, Eddie Murphy’s seven best films, writing non-fiction, summing up Burnley and Sky Plus. The evil Sky Plus.


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Thanks to the caller who phoned me halfway through the interview and deigned important enough to stop everything and answer. It was probably my wife. Or father.

Follow him on Twitter: @gavinjamesbower
Follow me on Twitter: @nikeshshukla

A teaser for a new short film, The Eunuch, based on Gavin James Bower’s story ‘The Intimate Adventures of a London Eunuch’. You can read the full story in 3:AM Magazine here here and here (three parts). 

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Dazed & Aroused on Kindle

After the success of our Kindle promotion back in September on Gavin James Bower’s Made in Britain, we’ve now agreed a 90% discount on his debut novel, Dazed & Aroused.

From now until 13th November, you can download the book to Kindle for just 99p.

Click here.


After months of trials - and one of heavy discounting - we’ve finally settled on a digital list price for our eBooks.

And that price is £3.45. Ish.

Click here, here and here to see our Amazon digital bestsellers.


this is a strictly limited edition t-shirt from standon calling - limited by the fact it was handed out in the dance tent at standon calling and standon calling happened over a week ago.

i don’t want it any more and deeply regret not selling it to a small child for a doobie and a diet fanta.


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We’re Slashing (Kindle) Prices!

*in the voice of some cheery bloke flogging sofas*

We’re slashing prices EVERYWHERE!

Ok not everywhere, but on Amazon.

So if you have a Kindle, or the app, then you can now get our digital list for under a fiver on Amazon. 

That’s Coconut Unlimited, Exiled, Mr Coles, Silent Night, The Old Ladies of Nazareth, Dazed & Aroused and, from 1st June, Made in Britain.

Click the links above for more.


Gavin James Bower is author of the acclaimed novel Dazed & Aroused and is an editor for Quartet Books. His writing has appeared in FLUX, Clash, Culture Wars, 3:AM Magazine and the Sunday Telegraph and he has a new novel, Made In Britain, out soon. This is his Bookish Half Dozen:

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