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Nikesh Shukla, author of Coconut Unlimited works on a comic strip about ‘The Change’ with graphic novelist Hannah Berry. 

Post-riots, Plan B’s ‘ill Manors’ tackles the Broken Britain discourse head on. We like it here at Q towers, not least because we know where he’s coming from. Check out our very own Nikesh Shukla's Generation Vexed, a ‘Brain Shot’ for Random House, and Gavin James Bower’s Made in Britain - both published in 2011.


Episode 4: Gavin James Bower

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Episode 4 of the Subaltern Podcast is here! Author Nikesh Shukla talks to other writers and authors and novelists about stuff, from writing to r’n’b. It’s the anti-panel discussion.

Gavin James Bower - friend, editor, publicist… He is my fredlicist. We talk about R Kelly, Michael Jackson’s videos, Eddie Murphy’s seven best films, writing non-fiction, summing up Burnley and Sky Plus. The evil Sky Plus.


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Thanks to the caller who phoned me halfway through the interview and deigned important enough to stop everything and answer. It was probably my wife. Or father.

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This is the poem I did for Smile for London. Spot it on a tube platform near you. Visuals by Trunk.

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