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David Rose is the author of Vault and Posthumous Stories. He is February’s writer in residence for Necessary Fiction. David praises Quartet’s list and stresses the importance of supporting independent publishing companies in the UK.

Gavin James Bower reading at Stoke Newington Literary Festival, Saturday 2nd June

Gavin James Bower reading at Stoke Newington Literary Festival, Saturday 2nd June

‘“Every Town”, the near-mythical setting of Gavin James Bower’s post-industrial landscape in Made in Britain, is peopled with dysfunctional families, suffused with social disengagement, law-breaking and public disorder. It’s a bad but normal British town. A bit too bad. It’s as if an evil giant has gobbled up the moral fabric of this “dirty old town” and spat it out to lie in the gutter – unnoticed, unloved, and unwanted. If the townspeople are waiting for their fairy godmother to wave a magic wand and turn the clock back to a golden age of full employment, to a time when money made people nicer, it isn’t going to happen. The mills and mines scarring the hills and streets around “Every Town” point to a longer trajectory and a bigger problem.’

—Bookrambler’s review of Made in Britain by Gavin James Bower

Featuring Made in Britain author Gavin James Bower, this is a trailer for the forthcoming short story and poetry anthology about the London Borough of Hackney, Acquired for Development By…

Vote Gavin James Bower for the London Book Award 2012

Voting is underway for the London Festival Fringe, and Made in Britain author Gavin James Bower is nominated in Books.

Made in Britain, Bower’s second novel, tells the story of shuttered, recession-blighted, dispassionate contemporary Britain as seen through the eyes of three teenagers living in a failing post-industrial northern town -  a place becoming so familiar to the UK landscape it might well be called Everytown.’

View Gavin’s full profile here.

And to vote for Gavin, please click here.

Post-riots, Plan B’s ‘ill Manors’ tackles the Broken Britain discourse head on. We like it here at Q towers, not least because we know where he’s coming from. Check out our very own Nikesh Shukla's Generation Vexed, a ‘Brain Shot’ for Random House, and Gavin James Bower’s Made in Britain - both published in 2011.

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