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Brian Sewell will be in conversation with Sir Roy Strong at the Winchester Festival on Friday, from 6.30pm. Not to be missed - get your ticket today! 

Tomorrow you will have the chance to read an extraordinary interview with Brian Sewell, by our Chairman Naim Attallah. Brian shares everything… He speaks about his mother, suicide, art and even the Siberian Tiger. Go to our Chairman’s blog for this one-off interview tomorrow. This Friday treat is not to be missed…

Our Chairman Naim Attallah interviewed Brian Sewell for Dialogues published in 2000. Quartet have since published his memoirs Outsider and Outsider II, Naked Emperors and a selection of his 2003 Orwell Prize-Winning essays.

Brian Sewell in converstaion with Dr James Boaden at The York Festival of Ideas. It was a fantastic evening, followed by drinks and a signing of Outsider, Outsider II and Naked Emperors

Brian Sewell’s Outsider II has been shortlisted for the Spear’s book award, in the memoir category. The winner will be announced in September…

Brian Sewell will be speaking at York Festival of Ideas on Tuesday 18th June from 18.30. Outsider and Outsider II available now…

The very wonderful Brian Sewell never disappoints and this engrossing read deals with his early life. Never one not to speak his mind this book is frank and honestly refreshing in the stories from his childhood, to working at Christies Auction House in London. I loved the way dear Brian has the most inspiring way of capturing life in Middle-England and the hypocrisy and snobbery of the art market world. A truly, savagely honest autobiography

—Staff review of Outsider by Brian Sewell from Waterstones, Lancaster. 

Brian Sewell will be speaking at three events at the Oxford Literary Festival next weekend. On Saturday 23rd March he will be speaking to Sir Roy Strong. On Sunday 24th March, he will be interviewed by Dr Steven Parissien on Outsider II and will give a talk on Naked Emperors later that day. Get your tickets now!

The two volumes of Outsider are a major accomplishment. They provide a compelling account of the razzamatazz of the European art world - research institutes, auction house, curators, collectors, dodgy dealers - that will be quoted for centuries. Supremely, though, they are a self-portriat of a prickly, fearless, honest man who provided loving loyalty à outrance

—The Times Literary Supplement reviews Outsider II by Brian Sewell

All I want for Christmas is Quartet….

All titles are available from www.quartetbooks.co.uk

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